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(PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma

Get your hair back without surgery...

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a cutting edge minimally invasive, nonsurgical medial technique which is statistically showing promise as an alternative to restore thinning hair. The platelets and associated proteins are rich in growth factors that promote cell replication, regulate normal cell metabolism, and enhance blood vessel growth and create an environment of healing in the injected area.

PRP have been shown to convert the hair follicles from an inactive to an active growth phase and promotes hair shaft thickness, resulting in increased hair volume.  Other areas of medicine have been just as excited to see the benefits of PRP including wound healing, orthopedics, skin care and plastic surgery.

The platelets are obtained from you individually, so you can feel peace of mind knowing that your body is receiving it’s own plasma. Platelets are the "paramedics" of your immune system and are responsible for beginning the cascade of healing required to restore damaged tissue.  By concentrating the platelets through centrifugation and later activating them to release there immune stimulating growth factors and chemicals, the injected scalp regions receives a heightened immune response to heal and regenerate.

The FDA has not specifically approved PRP to promote the efficacy for hair growth, however studies large and small are being conducted at this moment. Clinical observations and general consensus among hair restoration surgeons point to documented significant results approaching 80%.  Results do vary, since everyone has a different presentation, amount of hair loss and genetics.

Clinically, PRP is used to improve survival and healing of implanted grafts after hair restoration surgery and can be used alone to improve density and restore miniaturized and dormant hair follicles before or after hair restoration surgery. It is commonly used to prime the existing hair prior to hair restoration surgery and may be used in individuals who are not surgical hair restoration candidates.

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