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Shave-less FUE

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North Atlanta Hair Restoration now offers a Shave-less Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. Historically, FUE procedures required a portion (if not all) of the scalp to be shaved. Many people opted to forgo having the procedure completed for this reason alone. The Shave-less FUE approach is especially helpful for those individuals that live an active work and social schedule who cannot afford to have a portion or all of their scalp shaved. It is especially helpful for those that have undergone previous Strip-Harvest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT) procedures, since shaving the the donor area could reveal the linear scar from the previous hair transplant FUT surgery. The Shave-less FUE procedure also allows for the extraction of follicles from the donor site to be spread out consistently to minimize the chance of over harvesting localized shaved areas.

The Shave-less FUE is not offered by most hair restoration clinics, since it is more time-consuming and technically more difficult to perform. We feel that this approach is allowing more individuals the option of undergoing hair transplantation, since there is minimal downtime and minimal visibility that a hair restoration procedure was actually completed. The process involves meticulously trimming random hairs in the donor site and leaving the other hairs long to conceal the donor area. An FUE punch (typically 0.8 mm to a maximum of 1 mm in diameter) is then placed over the trimmed hair grouping and later pulled for implantation. Typically, the recipient site which may have other hairs present are left at their typical length and the transplanted hair follicles are placed in between the existing hair. This allows people to comb existing hair over the grafts during the healing phase to further conceal that a hair transplant surgery was completed. It is our opinion, that the Shave-less FUE will be the standard of care, especially for women who typically wear their hair longer and are not interested in having any portion of their scalp shaved for a hair restoration procedure.

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